Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alice's Tiny Tea Party Hunt Hints & Glitches

Each Hunt Item should have 2 LMs inside so no one should
truly be stuck at a store.
If you see the word (ALL) after a store name it means the item can be used will ALL SMA
Items can be resized or position can me adjusted. 
Verified means we were able to get gift
 Updated as of 12:45 am SLT on 03/02/2013

0. *BB's* - IMMORTALS - Verified
              "In Plan Sight"

1. Sister Fate* Petites - Petite - Verified
              "Hint giver at store"

2. Fab-Fae - Petite - Verified

              "The prize you seek is sure to will find your treasure near the EYES OF FIRE."

4. Pocket Avatars - ALL - Verified
              "Flap, flap ..."

5. Kabuki Creations - ALL - Verified
              "Dont get wet looking for me ! (upper Floor only)"

6. Designs by Shalenda - ALL - updated 3/11/13 -Verified
              "I'm going to LIVE FOREVER!"

7. Forsaken Falls - ALL - Verified
              "A chester cat might be in the genes but he doesn't look like one."

8. Petite Plunder - ALL - Verified
              "I've GOT to stop eating these cakes! I'm bigger than a giant now!"

9. P&T Small Mesh Avatars - ALL - Verified
              "Alice is playing hide and seek in the pumpkins"
new location same sim

10. Celtic Wolf Miniatures - IMMORTALS - Verified
              "When you travel to the moon, Be sure to make a wish upon a star."

11. FLOOD - ALL -
               "Alice loves to catch a ride on a butterfly..... wonder where it will take her."

12. Shhh! It's a Secret - IMMORTALS(ALL) - Verified
              "we are small but still in the mall."

13.Tree House Treasure - Petite

14. Enchanted Memories - Petite(ALL) - Verified
              "Alice likes to hangout at the Big Red Top Hat."

15. {Co*Motion} - Petite(ALL) - Verified
              "Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...."

16. Amulet - ALL - Verified
              "Cleopatra's Needle was one of these!"

17. Raven's Heart - ALL - Verified
              "Always curious...maybe Alice is at the new items."

18. Chywe's - The Whole Shebang - Petite(ALL) - Verified
              "Hint giver at store"

19. PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY - Petite - Verified
              "Don't follow any yellow brick road...follow the white twinkle lights to your prize."

20. Circus Noir - Petite(ALL) - Verified
              "Where the clown does his make up........."

21. ND/MD Skins & Shapes - Littles/Nanos -
              "Hint giver at store"

22. ~winged creations petites~ -IMMORTALS/Petite(ALL) - Verified
              "help me! I am trapped in here..."

23. Prime Petite - Petite(ALL) - Verified
              "I've been framed!"

24. .:tinkers:. - Petite(ALL) - Verified
              "Sit down on here on the sofa, smile very bright, it is I Alice who will keep you close. together forever, in our memories."

25. DemotiK - Petite - Verified
              "Hint giver at store"

26. Kastle Rock Couture Petite - Petite - Verified
              "Hint giver at store"

27. Isis Boutique - Petite - Verified

28. Amped Up Gestures - All -
              "books are always better free"

29. *RA* Muebles - Minikins - Verified
When you land you may need to go around the corner to the left to find the store.

30. United InshCon - Petite(ALL) -
              "Go to the aged barrel home - sit down and drink a bottle of wine."

31. Rag Doll - IMMORTALS/Petite/Little Me - Verified
              "Alice is hiding under the stairs!"

32. (In)Discretions - Petite(ALL) -
              "How about a movie after the tea party?"

33. Nomiki's Creations - Petite(ALL) - Verified
              "Just checking out the Petite Items here from this corner view!"

34. Event Horizon Customs - Petite
              "Hint giver at store".

35. [S&S] Clockworks - Petite - Verified
              "Hint giver at store".

36. Les sucreries de Fairy - Petite - Verified

37. Anna's Stuff - Miro Me - ALL - Verified
              "So rested she by the Tumtum tree, and stood awhile in thought"

38. Gothic's Musing - ALL- Verified
              "I just love tea! - Hint giver at store"

39. {*PanDemic*} - Petite - Verified
              "Take me to Wonderland"

40. Le Mouse - Petite/Littles/Nanos -

41. A Lil' Sum'em - Petite(ALL) - 3/4/13 -Verified

42. Creatif Design - Petite(ALL) - Verified
              "The bike hides the forest."

43. *Anymore StOrE* - Petite

44. Something Sexy Petite - Petite -  Verified
              "No peeking!"
45. Kirei for Petites - Petite(ALL) - Verified
              "A moment to pause under the mushrooms before saying "goodbye"!"

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