Rules for Vendors

OMG Rules. Some extra thing We have come across while planning hunts.

* You must join the Enchanted Petite Hunts group.(NO IFS AND/OR BUTS ABOUT IT.) All info will go through the group not to the individuals. (You can join the group yourself if you missed the invite and we will give you the correct tag.)

* Your Gift must be boxed. The only thing we should see in the hunt item is your BOXED gift and the LM to the next 2 locations.

* Hunt item is not to be hidden inside another object

* Decoys! that's a big issue. Your limit is 5 (including your hunt item).

* You can only make the hunt item bigger. You may not make it smaller then what it is when give to you. NO changing the hunt item Color.

* HINTS* Hint Givers will be given out, please use them, mainly if you have a large store or send it to me Via note card to go on blog. (Hint Givers are not mandatory.)

If you do not follow these Rules you will be dropped. We have covered all problems that we have had in the past. More may be added at a later date.